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White Bean of Rotonda PDO

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  • "Poverello” White Bean of Rotonda PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) is an ecotype varieties climbing, the plant can reach a height of 2.60 m from seed small and round, creamy white uniform color and delicate flavor. Always been appreciated as genuine and high quality are characterized by a high protein content and a low percentage of seeds present in the integument, the latter parameter is very interesting because it related to the cooking time that the pleasantness of the cooked food. In the kitchen is ideal for pasta and beans, soups or simply seasoned with olive oil. The cultivation area includes the entire territory of the municipalities of Rotonda, Castelluccio Inferiore Castelluccio Superiore and Viggianello in the valley of the Mercure in southern Italy The white beans are an important expression of history and local gastronomy over the years have passed down recipes of tasty dishes, even Giuseppe Garibaldi it was a great admirer. It is said that September 2, 1860, on his return from Sicily, Garibaldi stopped Round to sleep and eat, taste the white beans and was so pleasantly surprised that he decided to take small quantities of seeds in his Caprera.


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White Bean of Rotonda PDO

White Bean of Rotonda PDO

500g pack

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