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Tabacchino Bean of Sarconi PGI

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  • The "Tabacchino" Bean of Sarconi PGI (Protected Geaographical Indication) is a ecotype of dwarf bean with a round-ovoid and tobacco-coloured seed (giving it the name). It is a bean cultivated a lot from time immemorial, with a high content of fibres and easily digested. In cooking its taste is well intensified in soups, alone or with vegetables. Moreover we can suggest to taste it with its cooking stock and some stale bread, all flavoured with superior-virgin olive oil, for an ancient and traditional Lucan recipe: "pani npussu cu fasuli" (wet bread with beans).


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Tabacchino Bean of Sarconi PGI

Tabacchino Bean of Sarconi PGI

500g pack

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