Cookie Policy


A cookie is a small text file sent by a website and stored in the user's browser while using a Website. Cookies may be stored only for the time spent using a given website (session cookies) or for a longer period, independently from the session (persistent cookies).  Cookies work in combination with the website contents and are normally used to improve the usability and navigation experience on the web. They allow Qualeatalian to know the contents viewed, the choices made and every use of the website by the users. This function also allows Qualeatalian to provide more useful and targeted advertising for each user. Qualeatalian may also collaborate with third party companies, using tracking technologies to provide advertising on the Internet.  These companies may collect anonymous information on the visits to our Website.

To pursue the above-mentioned purposes, or for other purposes, the cookies collect and record navigation information, although the Qualeatalian policy leaves users the choice of whether to use these cookies or not. Consequently, if the users blocks or prevents the use of cookies, some Website functions may be blocked or slowed down or in any case may not be efficient.

In addition to ensuring the smooth use of the Website, Qualeatalian uses cookies for other purposes, such as:

-          identify users when logging on to the Website;

-          store the products saved in the cart ready for purchasing;

-          prevent the fraudulent use of accounts or payments;

-          where authorised, support user profiling and therefore provide information on products of interest or other customised contents and offers;

-          where authorised, provide promotions, contents, advertising, linked to users and their preferences and to remind them of such preferences;

-          perform market research;

-          Improve the Website, the Qualeatalian product range and marketing, etc.

Currently, the Website uses the following types of cookies with the functions indicated below, which users can enable or disable in the "Cookie settings“ section at the bottom of every page of the Website.

Technical cookies

These cookies are required for navigation as they ensure the correct use and full functionality of the Website. They include cookies used for creating a customised account, logging in, viewing contents in the chosen language on each access, recognising the country from which the user connects to the Website (and remembering these settings for future accesses) and managing orders.   These cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of the Website and if disabled may compromise the navigation experience and results.

This category includes analytical cookies, which through computer systems ensure the statistical analysis of users' navigation of the Website, solely to understand how users use the Website. They include for example cookies recording the number of clicks on a page of the Website and the number of pages visited by users. These analyses are performed on aggregated, anonymous data solely for statistical purposes. They are not indispensable for the operation of the Website but as they are processed anonymously, they do not prejudice the interests of the data owners.


Non-technical cookies

This category includes the following types of cookies:

Cookies functional to the use of the website: they allow Qualeatalian to facilitate and improve the use of the Website by users. They are used to recognise users each time they access the Website (where users have so requested by enabling the "Recognise me next time" function), avoiding the need to re-enter data for each new navigation session or remembering (for a set time) goods placed in the cart on previous accesses if the purchasing process was not completed on that occasion.  They are not indispensable for navigation but aim to facilitate and speed up the use of the Website.

Third party cookies for marketing/retargeting: third party cookies used to collect information on the user to offer more specific and/or customised promotions to users.  They include cookies relating to the insertion of advertising banners of third party companies, products chosen or viewed by users, or similar products, on the Website. These cookies do not necessarily require the processing of personal data and can be disabled without impeding the correct navigation of the Website, however by disabling them users may receive promotional messages that are of no interest to them.


How can I disable the cookies?

In addition to what is indicated in this document, the user can manage your preferences for cookies directly into the browser and prevent - for example - that third parties can install. Via the browser preferences you can also delete the cookies installed in the past, including Cookie in which is eventually saved the installation permission of Cookies by this site. It is important to note that disabling all cookies, the operation of this site may be compromised. You can find information about how to manage cookies in your browser to the following addresses:





In case of services provided by third parties, users can also exercise their right to oppose the inquiring tracking through the privacy policy of the third party or by contacting the same.

Data controller and data processor

The data controller is Qualeatalian Srls, with the registered office in Via Nuova Chiunzi, 42/B 84010 Maiori (SA) – ITALY – e-mail:

Updating of this Cookie Policy

This cookie policy was last updated on January 7, 2016. Any updates will always be published at this link.