Shipments and returns


Your pack shipment

The Logistics Company DHL that guarantees a delivery time between 24 and 48 hours for European destinations delivers our goods. For these reasons, our products will be shipped mainly from Monday to Wednesday in order to guarantee freshness of our foodstuffs and promptness of our parcels.  In case of bank holidays, orders will be despatched only when there are two consecutively working days (48 hours). 

Our products are shipped into a high quality corrugated cardboard box. For items contained in glass packaging (e.g. Extra-virgin olive oil), we use ad hoc Styrofoam or cardboard boxes which guarantee integrity to all items within the parcel. Temperature-sensitive goods will be shipped into a temperature-controlled box for food where is placed a frozen gel pack per each side to keep cool the product for the entire shipment. All parcels will be sealed by our warranty sticker, which is recommended to check its integrity to ensure that no tampering are made during the shipment.